December 15, 2018

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Payment for the Food Handlers course.

  • You pay after you pass the test.
  • Price for the course test and card is $10
  • There are no refunds.

I finished the course but don’t have a printer.

  • You may have us print a card, laminate it, and mail it to your for $5.00

I Passed the course and test but didn’t pay.

  • Log into your account and go to the “Pay Now” button, then go to the “Print Card” now button.

Someone else can pay for your card.

  • Have them fill out the payment portion after you have completed and passed the test.


Business /Corporate Accounts

  • An individual or a business can pay for multiple employees with the same credit card.  See button on home page for business accounts.

 Is this card good anywhere in Oregon?

  • Yes

Business Code, Using

  • Just fill in the business code on the payment screen instead of a payment.
  • You must get the code from your place of employment.

Government Agency Accounts

  • Set up for a Corporate Account use the Business Account botton.

The Test

  • The test consists of 20 questions; you must answer 15 to pass.
  • You can re-take the test as many times as you need to pass.

Cards How do I start?

  • Signup and set up your personal account
  • Study the course material and pass the test.

How will I know when my card is about to expire?

  • Reminders are sent by email 4 months prior to expiration.

How Long is My Card Valid?

  • 3 years from the date of course and test completion. Cards are only available online after payment.

Lost Card. I lost my card, what do I do to get a new one?

  • You can reprint a replacement card anytime while your card is valid. Just log into your account and print. You should keep a copy of your card so you know the information on it.  Click on the ‘Contact us’ button and let us know you need a new card and don’t have your login and password information.  We will email that back to you.

Expired Card / Card Renewal

  • Sign up for a new account,
  • A card is only valid for 3 years.

PayPal: When you are ready to pay for the course you will be directed to a secure site called PayPal, where you use your credit card to pay for the course. You don’t have to start a PayPal account to pay for this course. There are 2 options to choose from:

  • The first box area you see will be for people who already have an account with PayPal.


  • Scroll down and notice the word “Continue” and click that to pay without starting a PayPal account.

When you complete the payment you can use the link that says Return to Merchant. Or you can just log into the course with your login information (Username and Password)

E-mail address: An e-mail is required for your username. You can get a free e-mail address at or

User Name and Password: This is how you enter into the course. Choose words that are easy for you to remember, for example your name or a favorite pet’s name. Be sure to write these down so you don’t forget them. Don’t share your login information. Only one person can take the exam.

Username and Password are case sensitive, as in lower case or UPPER case.

Forgot my password: on the login page click the “Forgot Password” link; you will be required to validate your registration information.

How can I view PDFs? You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. It’s a software program that allows you to view PDF’s. Most computers come with Adobe Reader already installed. It is secure and free. Click here to access their download page.

How do I move up and down on the page? To move up and down on a page click and use the scroll dial on your mouse or click the side arrows on a page.

Haven’t received my food handlers card: You print it off of our site.

If you are still having a problem feel free to email us through our contact form.


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